Wither/Wrest for piano (2017)

Untitled for clarinet and playback (2016)

Trio for violin, clarinet, and piano (2015)

Sextet for alto flute, oboe, basoon, piano, violin, and ‘cello (2014)

miniatures for clarinet and piano (2014)

String Quartet No. 1 (2013)

engulo o mar, que me engole for solo double bass (2013)

Quintet for flute/alto flute, soprano/tenor saxophone, percussion, piano and violin (2012)  Strata for ensemble (2012)

Untitled for mezzo-soprano, viola, and contrabass (2012)

Music for Trombone and Piano (2012)

Solo for alto saxophone (2012)

In Knots for clarinet, trombone and ‘cello (2011)

Face-up for four-hand piano (2010)