[11.14.16] - Korzo + new trio

On Tuesday 11/15, my sextet will perform for the second time, with Philip Dizack (trumpet) joining the band for the first time.  The remaining personnel are the same from my Shapeshifter gig: [Kevin Sun (tenor saxophone), Patricia Brennan (vibraphone), Walter Stinson (bass), Paolo Cantarella (drums)]  We will be performing brand new music, some of our old stuff, and some material from the canon.  This will be our last performance until mid 2017.  Don't miss it!

I am currently writing for and rehearsing with a new trio with Dean Torrey (bass) and Xavier Hill (drums).  The three of us started playing exploratory sessions in my apartment a couple of months ago, and our chemistry was apparent immediately.  My goal with this group is to explore my more idiosyncratic tendencies as a pianist and to reimagine the possibilities of the piano-trio format.  My initial idea was to capture the looseness/rawness that I associate with chord-less trios, where the absence of clearly delineated harmony lends itself to a more open-ended sort of energy.  The bass and drums in this trio do not fulfill a "supportive" role to showcase my playing; instead, they form an ever-shifting rhythmic and textural foundation, such that I am able to be subsumed into an amorphous space, or to play against it.  As I write more and workshop more with the group, my ideas will come into sharper relief.  I anticipate that our first performance will happen in February or March of 2017 (stay tuned).