[01.05.17] - updates

As I write, I am quite enjoying some time back home in Rockland, ME, visiting my mother.

Current projects:

▩ a new work for piano - [to be premiered by Laurence Cummings in May]

▩ a new work for chamber ensemble - performance TBD

▩ all new material for my March 19 performance at Williamsburg Music Center - my new trio with Xavier Hill and Dean Torrey has its first performance in a double bill with Nathan Bellott.  I am also playing in Nathan's band on that gig

▩ other stuff

[12.04.16] - new piano piece..!

I'm quite looking forward to working again with extraordinary pianist Laurence Cummings on a new work for piano.   The piece will have its premier at Laurence's senior recital at Brooklyn College.  Laurence was fantastic to work with when I wrote my Trio for clarinet/violin/piano, and I'm happy that he reached out to me about doing something.  This piece has been a long time in the making; I've set it aside for periods, returned to it, set it aside again ad infinitum.  Laurence's recital is sometime in May, date not yet set.   Stay toont!